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When the Dead Talk Back is the story of a man who is haunted by the dead, whom he believes talk to him. Paul Jude Walker is a father, husband, and author who spent his entire adult life trying to understand the voices that contact him. Is he crazy? Is he psychic? Can the dead communicate with the living? Paul, along with his best friend Tony, spent 10 years of his life trying to understand the voices in his head. This film is the result of that exhaustive research. 

Is there a scientific reason he hears these voices? Is there an answer in New Age philosophy? Perhaps he is simply crazy. This film explores the nature of the 'gift' that ultimately becomes his curse, as this experimental journey into the darkest aspects of humanity exposes the truth behind the nature of paranormal phenomena. Beginning with a single startling experience with a ghost in his teenage years, Paul spends his entire journey in this film trying to understand why these voices speak to him. Along with his wife and family he slowly loses his grip on his notion of self, and on reality, as he tries to define the nature of his own consciousness through the prism of making a film about his ghosts, and the ghosts that plague us all. A film about a film about a man trying to find himself, When the Dead Talk Back is a haunting journey you won't soon forget.




Paul Walker
Tony Paulson 
Genevieve Trout





Mario Escobar



Tony Paulson & Genevieve Trout


Executive Producer

Paul Walker


Director of Photography

Brandon Schilling 


Additional Camera Work

Paul Walker & Tony Paulson



Mario Escobar



Brandon Schilling




A documentary about a man, a friendship, and the ghosts that haunt us all.

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Copyright © 2017 Paul Jude Walker.